Street, sidewalk and garden path sweeper

Cleaning outdoor areas has always taken a lot of time. And here it does not matter whether you will be cleaning your own personal plot or will have to work on commercial property. In any case, the process will not be quick and will require physical endurance. But since technology is constantly appearing that can make life easier, progress here does not stand still. Because there are sweepers, which are also called sweepers. With their help, cleaning the area will be completed quite quickly, and the person will only need to skillfully operate the unit.


Such mechanisms are characterized by increased productivity. Where you would have to wave a broom for 4-6 hours, a sweeper will do the job in 30-40 minutes. The street cleaning machine rides on wheels. It always has a brush in front or below, sometimes several brushes. The following are used to make brushes:
Mechanical sweeping equipment effectively sweeps away fresh snow, sand, dust, and fallen leaves. Such devices can be used on a dirt site, on asphalt and cement, on tiles and other surfaces. The following devices can be used:

The cleaning machine can be used to maintain order in parking lots, parking lots and technological areas.

Design and operating principle

Manual sweeping units have a simple design and are activated by a certain amount of human effort.

They consist of :

  • body (swipper);
  • comfortable handle (can be folding or straight);
  • rubber-coated wheels on hinges;
  • cylindrical side brushes with wipers (from 2 pcs.) and a central main brush;
  • built-in dust collector mechanism;
  • internal drive or battery mechanism with gearbox;
  • ventilation holes with microfilters;
  • waste bins;
  • hydraulic lift-tilter.

The brushes have adjustable clamps and can be located in front or behind the sweeper.
When they rotate, a certain pressure is created in the hopper, regulated by ventilation holes. The internal motor is most often vacuum, and the filters are equipped with automatic dust shakers. The hopper extends or rolls out from the body - it is most often located on the back, but there are also models with front hoppers.

The principle of operation of the unit largely depends on its type , and begins to work when certain actions are taken by the operator, who will push it along the surface, forward or backward, using a handle. Before turning on the machine, select the speed type. Brushes with a built-in dust collector begin to suck up debris and send it to the debris tank through the cylinder.

The machine works like a vacuum cleaner, so it is easy to operate. After the bin is completely filled, the operator tips it over using a lift and removes the debris into bags or containers.

Dust and debris are trapped inside thanks to an internal vacuum unit. The amount of dirt collected is determined by the quality of the bristles, suction, selected power and speed of movement.

Types of devices

Manual sweepers can be equipped with additional accessories, including auxiliary brushes. Devices with two cleaning elements allow you to care for different areas much more effectively than conventional options. When choosing a suitable mechanism, you need to focus on the range of tasks that must be solved. Pay attention to:

A completely mechanical device differs in that it will have to be pushed in front of you. During movement, the brush unwinds. This option is considered the best choice for a private house or summer cottage. No need for electricity or liquid fuel increases the functionality of the device. But we must take into account that mechanical equipment is very unsuitable for industrial premises and large outdoor areas. If you need a device for increased mobility that saves operator effort, you should take a closer look at battery-powered mechanisms. It must be remembered that almost all such sweepers will need to be moved manually. For the most efficient use of energy, the battery almost always serves only as a drive for the brush. But even this innovation allows you to significantly increase productivity. Cordless sweepers collect dust into special plastic containers.

Gasoline units have the highest performance. They are great when you need to clean large open areas. The capacity of the gasoline tank lasts up to 4-5 hours. It is a sweeper with an internal combustion engine that should be used if you plan to remove construction waste. The increased hardness of such debris means that the device must be equipped with hard wire brushes.

Gasoline devices are also recommended for snow removal. It is advisable to provide the mechanism with brushes of varying hardness, depending on whether only freshly fallen snow will be removed or not. When choosing a sweeping unit for cleaning plant debris, you need to focus only on the required performance of the device. Household stains are best removed by battery-powered and mechanical sweepers. It is unwise to purchase a gasoline-powered mechanism for cleaning any premises.


In "M-K" No. 4 for 1982, an article was published in which there was a conversation about the young technicians' club at the house management No. 8 of the city of Vitebsk, about the funny and useful machines created by its members.
Among the most original devices, the mechanical sweeper MPM-1 was also mentioned. It was conceived as a means to facilitate the hard work of cleaners and janitors. Under the leadership of V. M. Nebozhak, the head of the club, MPM-1 was built by ten schoolchildren aged 13 to 16 years. There are three egos of Sasha - Lyudvikov, Odnorukov and Slemnev, Kostya Abramov, Grisha Alekseev, Edik Zubritsky, Seryozha Razumov, Dima Roshchin, Andrey Sochivko and Vitya Kharitonenkov. All of them became winners of the “Young Participant of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements” medals, as their mechanical broom made a proper impression not only at the republican exhibition, but also in Moscow, at the main exhibition of the country.


“But it’s a vacuum cleaner!” — this is exactly what one of those present at the first test of the newly riveted and not yet painted MPM-1 exclaimed. Testing was carried out right in the club’s workshop on the floor littered during classes.

We drove the car back and forth and gasped: there were no specks behind it, even the cracks between the boards had been swept clean! They calculated: in an hour, using MMM-1, you can clean a room or open area measuring 50X50 m - two and a half thousand square meters. This is hardly possible by hand with a broom or broom!

I must admit that when the car was opened and the device was shown, at first there was a feeling of slight disappointment. MPM-1 was seen as a complex unit, filled with cunning mechanics. But inside there was only a drum with brushes and a bin with dust. Indeed, everything is as simple as two and two. In addition, many parts of the car looked familiar, having been seen more than once.

Mechanical sweeper:

1 — folding drive handle, 2 — wheel, 3 — brush drum lifting screw, 4 — folding handle supports, 5 — rubber hood handle support, 6 — hood handle, 7 — container handles, 8 — hood, 9 — curb brush lifting screw , 10 — protective cover, 11 — carrier, 12 — front wheel, 13 — side rubber cuffs, 14, 15 — brackets for carrying the machine, 16 — filter mesh, 17 — curb brush, 18 — roller, 19 — curb brush console axis , 20 - V-belt drive, 21 - pulley, 22 - cap lock, 23 - rubber pick-up valve.

That's how it really was. V. M. Nebozhak touched this or that part and named: sprockets, chain, wheels - from a children's bicycle, only the spokes were removed and replaced with disks from electric players, a pulley - from a washing machine; gears - from a large hand drill; folding drive handle and frame elements (pipes and angles) - from cots and children's sleds; and here in the design of the body elements of street lamps, motorcycle fenders, a bread box, and sheet aluminum are used; the bunker is cut and riveted from a zinc trough; front wheel - from a cargo trolley; all handles are window handles; staples and cap locks - from cutlery boxes; dust bin mesh - from an acoustic speaker; and finally, brushes - for sweeping floors.


The MIM-1 chassis is three-wheeled. All wheels are independent of each other, although the rear ones sit on the same axle. Right - drive. When moving, the pulley, using a V-belt through a system of rollers hidden in the console, transmits torque to the curb brush, and it throws debris from baseboards or curbs in front of the machine. The rotation speed of this brush depends on the speed of movement of the machine itself, and the force of friction on the floor depends on the height of the brush above it, which is adjusted with a screw on the console. If necessary, the curb brush can be eliminated from the work by moving the console to a vertical position.

There is a brush carriage inside the machine. It consists of two cheeks - aluminum plates connected along the sides by four horizontal pipes. The top two play the role of a frame, the bottom ones act as an axle: on one the carriage rotates (the wheels and a large sprocket also sit here), on the other the brush drum rotates. These axles are in bearings.

From the drive wheel, the sprocket transmits movement through a chain to the intermediate block, and from it to the brush drum. During one revolution of the wheel, the latter rotates four times.

MPM-1 device:

1 — top trim, 2 — brush carriage cheek, 3 — brush drum lifting mechanism, 4 — side trim, 5 — removable container, 6 — locking pin (2 pcs.), 7 — front wheel carrier bracket, 8 — front wall hopper, 9 - hopper, 10 - rear wall, 11 - rubber pick-up valve, 12 - brush drum gear, 13 - brush drum, 14 - intermediate gear-sprocket block, 15 - chain, 16 - drive sprocket, 17 - rear rubber cuff, 18 — frame tube.

The lineup

The Karcher S 650 sweeper gives good results. This device perfectly removes dirt and debris from house paths, street sidewalks and terraces. The manufacturer claims that this model is suitable for restoring order in warehouses and industrial buildings, and parking spaces. The hourly productivity of the device reaches 1800 sq. m. Judging by the reviews, the speed of cleaning compared to using a broom and broom increases by 4-6 times.

It is allowed to install the mud container in a vertical position. Therefore, the Karcher S 650 is quite compact when stored. The comfortable handle makes it much easier to move. Thanks to a pair of side handles, the most efficient cleaning of garden paths is guaranteed. Containers can be removed and installed without direct contact with debris.

Comac brand products are made in Italy. This type of cleaning equipment belongs to the professional class. The CS 50 BT model is compact and reliable. The total productivity can reach 2250 sq. m in 60 minutes. The device is capable of cleaning industrial, warehouse, and retail areas.

The Lavor Pro BSW 375 ET system is supplied with a battery and charger.

The mechanism is stated to be capable of cleaning up to 1000 square meters. m of floor per hour. Along with the main brush, there are also disc-type side brushes. They very effectively clean areas near walls and other hard-to-reach places.


To determine what means we will use to clean the surface, you need to know exactly what material your path is made of. For example, paths that are covered with pine bark, despite their excellent appearance and pleasant pine aroma, require a more gentle approach to cleaning than paths made of paving slabs or natural stone. This ecological path will serve you for several years; the main thing is to add new bark at least once a year, thereby prolonging its life.

Garden paths made of stone, concrete, and paving slabs must be cleaned in a different way, as well as options made of wood.

But despite all the nuances, if you clean everything in time, you won’t need to spend a lot of effort and time later to get your paths in perfect order. Once again sweeping the yard of fallen leaves or debris is much easier than looking for suitable material and restoring some of the damaged material.

Without exception, all paths and areas in the garden need:

Best Hand Sweepers

Karcher S4 Twin

You can use this unit at any time of the year. "Karcher S4 Twin" will easily help you remove both sand and leaves. Moreover, he will cope with the task in the shortest possible time. It will take only 60 minutes to clean an area of ​​2400 sq.m. And all thanks to the fact that the machine has two side brushes, as well as a sweeping roller. At the same time, the working surface has a width of 68 cm. There is a container with a volume of 20 liters for collecting waste. When emptying it, the operator will not come into contact with dirt and debris.

The handle of the “Karcher S4 Twin” is smoothly adjustable in height, making it easy to build the tool to suit any height. The bayonet connection should not be ignored. Now the user will not have to worry about tightening and unscrewing screws. There is a special place on the Karcher S4 Twin frame where, by stepping, the operator will adjust the required height. The handle also folds easily for carrying and storing the product.

The Karcher S4 Twin case is made of durable plastic. The size of the instrument is 76*66.8*94 cm, and the weight is 10.2 kg.

The average cost is 14,000 rubles.

Stiga SWP 355

This model is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cleaning. The unit can easily clean any hard surfaces from dust, sand, dirt, and can also handle leaves and paper.

"Stiga SWP 355" has two side nylon brushes; during operation they rotate in opposite directions. You can also choose one of three brush height positions, depending on the debris and surface. In addition, the manufacturer installed an additional brush, which is located at the bottom of the unit. It is designed to collect small debris. There is a container with a volume of 20 liters, where all the swept debris will fall. The rubberized wheels have a diameter of 21 cm, due to this the tool will move smoothly and will not require unnecessary effort from the operator. To make work comfortable, the telescopic handle allows people of different heights to operate the machine. There is a special handle for carrying the machine. And the product can be stored vertically, due to the fact that the handle has a folding design.

Criterias of choice

Before purchasing a sweeper, you should decide how often you will use the unit, the area that will need cleaning, as well as the type of surface. Depending on these needs, you should proceed when choosing a specific model.

If the area is not large, then a manual machine can handle this task. Units with a motor are suitable for cleaning large areas that are heavily soiled. Such machines have high power and will quickly cope with any work, while the operator will not have to exert much effort. But such devices have a high cost, so it would not be advisable to buy such a machine for cleaning a small area.

You also need to pay attention to the brush and what material it is made of. The strength and capabilities of the unit will depend on this parameter. If the sweeper will be used for cleaning premises, then it is better to choose a model with a soft brush. Rough brushes are better for cleaning unfinished surfaces, and they are also ideal for collecting large debris.

The design and construction of the handle should not be ignored. It is better to choose products with folding handles. So during storage and transportation they will not take up much space. To make the product convenient to use, the handle must be ergonomically shaped. This will make the car easier to control. Inexpensive models have a long handle that cannot be folded. So, cleaning a large area can take more effort, and difficulties may arise when transporting such a unit.

The body of the sweeper can be made of plastic or metal. Plastic products have less weight, which is convenient for transportation and operation. But during cleaning, particles of dirt and debris can fly off the brushes into the housing, and this harms the housing. For this reason, units with a metal body will be more durable.

Not all devices have a convenient waste collection container. The inconvenience is that some containers are difficult to attach. Because of this, difficulties may arise when removing the container. Small sweepers typically have small containers installed and are fairly easy to remove and empty.

Since the device may be used at different sites, the conditions may not be ideal. In this case, some parts may fail. To avoid problems with purchasing spare parts, you need to think about this in advance. And before purchasing, consult the seller on this topic. Otherwise, in the future you may have to search for a long time for spare parts or parts for the unit.

Also, do not forget to pay attention to the manufacturer. Devices from trusted brands have a guarantee; in case of an unexpected breakdown, you can get a free repair or replacement of the unit. But if the machine will be used periodically, and the buyer has a small area that needs cleaning, then an inexpensive unit from a little-known brand can handle it.

Janitor with mechanical broom

Thanks to the development of small equipment equipped with reliable engines, units adapted to work in various conditions began to be produced. The operation of such equipment does not require long-term training of qualified personnel.

The high versatility of such devices has allowed them to have a very wide range of applications, for example:

Street sweepers come in a wide variety of designs. Depending on the options for the area to be cleaned, street sweepers can be divided into the following types:

The type and power of the drive of such sweepers is determined by the time of continuous operation and the surface area to be cleaned. In addition, the operator's working conditions and the ability to maneuver safely must be taken into account. Street sweepers must have a sufficiently spacious and sealed garbage container.

Possible problems and repairs

Malfunctions of manual harvesting machines can occur for various reasons :

  • chose a low-quality model;
  • the unit was used incorrectly;
  • battery is not charged;
  • the cord is broken (for an electric model);
  • Huge pieces of debris fell in (slate, bulky building material, glass, stones);
  • the wear-out period of the parts has expired;
  • replacement of individual parts is required (for example, if the engine burns out).

It is highly not recommended to repair any unit breakdowns on your own. No one can do this better than professional craftsmen.

When purchasing special equipment, the instructions are always accompanied by a warranty card and the addresses of workshops that carry out preventive maintenance, as well as repair and replacement of parts.

Over time, it may break:

  1. dust collector;
  2. wheels;
  3. tube for waste collection container;
  4. lifts;
  5. the engine itself.

Replacement is easy. Service centers recommended by stores have all the necessary spare parts for the purchased models.

For self-repairs:

  1. the breakdown is visually assessed;
  2. the required part is purchased;
  3. the unit is disassembled according to the diagram;
  4. replacement of faulty spare parts is carried out;
  5. the body is then reassembled.

The best petrol sweepers

Champion GS5562

This sweeper can be used throughout the year. It easily copes with cleaning not only dust and sand, but also clears the area of ​​snow and leaves. "Champion GS5562" has a powerful gasoline engine that is air cooled.

It is worthwhile to install additional equipment. For example, a blade or snow thrower. With the help of additional equipment, the functionality of the equipment is expanded. The unit has three forward speeds, as well as one reverse. There is a lever with which the sweeping brush rotates at an angle of up to 190 degrees. This will make the process of cleaning the area more effective.

To ensure that the Champion GS5562 is stable during operation, the manufacturer installed four wheels, two of which are the main ones, and two serve as additional support. The working width of the tool is 62 cm, and the diameter of the brushes is 42 cm.

The average cost is 36,600 rubles.

Patriot PS 888 S

This model has a 6.5 hp engine. Thanks to this, the unit is highly productive and can be used not only for cleaning personal areas, but also for commercial purposes. In the warm season, Patriot PS 888 S will help get rid of dust, leaves and debris, and in winter, when installing additional equipment, it will help clear the area of ​​snow. Moreover, in winter the car can cope even with a dense layer of snow, since it has a powerful motor.

"Patriot PS 888 S" has 7 speeds, with 5 speeds designed for forward movement, and two backward. The wheels of this model have deep tread, due to this the operator will not have any difficulties when driving. The brush has a diameter of 35 cm, and with the help of a lever you can rotate it for more thorough cleaning. The working width of the machine is 60 cm. At the same time, in an hour, using the Patriot PS 888 S, you can clean an area of ​​2100 sq.m.

The average cost is 51,000 rubles.

MasterYard MXS 7522B

MasterYard MXS 7522B

Although this model has a compact size, this does not affect the performance of the machine. With its help, you can quickly clear the area of ​​snow, sand and dirt.

"MasterYard MXS 7522B" has a powerful four-stroke engine that will satisfy any need. It will work properly and for a long time even under high loads and in difficult conditions. At the same time, during operation of the device there will not be a high level of noise, and fuel will be consumed quite economically.

The MasterYard MXS 7522B brush has a diameter of 42 cm and is made of plastic bristles. During operation, you can change the direction of the brush. Working width is 62cm. The forward movement unit has 4 speeds, the maximum speed is 5 km/h. To improve the maneuverability of the product, the manufacturer has provided wheel unlocking. The diameter of the MasterYard MXS 7522B wheels is 13 inches, thanks to which the machine has good cross-country ability and the operator will not have any difficulties with control.

The average cost is 75,000 rubles.

MasterYard MXS 7522B

What is such a unit?

A sweeper is one of the types of equipment that will help a person when cleaning the street area. Externally, such a unit resembles a trolley with a high handle. Also on the body of the product there will be brushes and a block for collecting debris. The brush can be made of nylon, wire, as well as both natural and artificial fiber. Unlike a regular broom, this device is highly efficient, which will reduce the cleaning time of the area several times.

For such a machine to work, an operator is required. With its help, the sweeper will move in the right direction and collect garbage. When the unit moves, its brush will begin to rotate. At the same time, not only garbage, but also dust and sand will be collected from the ground. Since such machines have a vacuum system, debris and dust will fall into the container and be retained there. But this unit should not be confused with a vacuum cleaner. Here, the quality of cleaning will depend on the size of the brush, the material used to make it, as well as the speed of movement of the device.

Thus, in about one hour you can clean 250 sq.m. Thanks to such high performance, sweepers are used not only for sweeping streets and sidewalks, but also in warehouses, supermarkets, parks, stadiums and other places with large areas.

Types of sweepers

There are three types of such units for cleaning large areas. The simplest option is a mechanical machine. Such models are also called manual. They are small in size and light in weight. But at the same time, their capabilities are limited. For this reason, such machines are used to restore order in a small area. For example, cleaning a small garden plot, sweeping the sidewalk or paths. Also, certain mechanical models can be used to clean a room after renovation. It is worth noting that the manual version of the sweeper will not emit harmful exhaust gases during operation, which have a detrimental effect on the environment. In addition, the device will not produce a high level of noise, which can distract from your usual activities. Well, the mechanical sweeper has an affordable price.

The second option for sweepers is battery-powered devices. Such models belong to battery products. They are based on an electric motor, which starts its work by charging the battery. The operating time of the battery sweeper can reach 3-4 hours. Such units have high productivity, operation is not difficult, so they are easily suitable for working on a site that has a large area. But their price is slightly higher than that of manual sweepers.

Gasoline machines are mostly used for professional use. They are designed for cleaning large areas. The peculiarity of such models is their large working width, wide functionality, high power and operating efficiency. Since the operation of a gasoline sweeper produces a large amount of exhaust gases, they can only be used outdoors. A gasoline unit will quickly clear debris from an embankment, park or other open area. Also, do not forget that of all the options for sweepers, this type is the most expensive.

In addition, sweepers are classified according to the type of brushes. In this case, the units are divided into two types: with side and rotary brushes. In the first case, the brushes are attached to the sides of the sweeper. Moreover, they can operate in two modes. The first mode assumes that the brushes will collect debris in the center of the unit, and from there it will be sucked into the container. The second mode assumes that the brushes will sweep away debris in the opposite direction from the center. This mode will be convenient when clearing an area of ​​snow.

A machine with rotary brushes has a horizontal axis. The brushes will rotate around it. If the unit is small in width, then there will be only one brush. Such machines can also have two operating modes.

Buy quickly and profitably

After a comprehensive assessment of all technical parameters of sweepers, it is possible to begin purchasing the product. It is best to do this on specialized online shopping sites. It is here that you can always obtain complete information about the required sweeper. If you have any questions, qualified consultants will always come to the rescue.

A sweeper is an important device for those who have a large home area and actively care for it. Most often, these are gasoline or electric sweepers designed to clean the area from dust, debris and much more. The time of ordinary brooms is a thing of the past; now many different devices have been developed for cleaning a plot, cottage or house. When cleaning city streets, this is done by special vehicles.

Review of manufacturers and models

When wondering how to choose the right sweeping machine, pay attention to the main characteristics and functionality. It must be remembered that such a purchase is made no more than once every few years. We have compiled a rating of popular models, among which you can easily find the unit that best suits your specific conditions.

Model nametype of driveProductivity by area (m2/h)Tank volume (l)Working width of brushes (mm)Short description
LavorPro 651 MMechanical150040500Features a foldable handle, lightweight impact-resistant body and a roller for maneuvering
Nilfisk SM 800Mechanical330034450Equipped with an ergonomic rubberized handle. Made from anti-corrosion material
Karcher KM 70/20 CBasisMechanical280042480Maneuverable, lightweight, inexpensive and compact device
Cleanfix HS 770Mechanical355032770Compact dimensions and high power
Comac CS 60 BRechargeable385065850Suitable for cleaning indoors and outdoors. Features rotary filtration
Lavor Pro SWL R 850 ETRechargeable490055850Industrial type machine
Nilfisk SW900 BRechargeable472560600Cleans even in hard-to-reach places
Lavor Pro R1000 ET BIN-UPRechargeable6200621230Equipped with operator's workstation, filtration system, front lighting and horn
Lavor Pro SWL 900 STPetrol370060710The suction sweeper with a Japanese engine copes well with dirt thanks to its lifting angle of 20%
Comac CS 50 HtPetrol260040650Spacious device with adjustable brush
Comac CS 100 DDiesel114754001350Professional equipment for cleaning large areas. Has a shock-resistant body and a powerful diesel engine
Lavor Pro SWL 700 STPetrol262045680Reliable equipment with an operator station will collect any debris and stones
Tielburger TK 17 AD-380-040TSPetrol220045700A compact and powerful machine will efficiently remove or clear the area of ​​snow
Karcher KM 85/50 WBPetrol4850501050Comfortable handle with built-in hand brake, efficient suction and removable container

A brief overview of the functionality and main parameters will help you understand which machine is best suited to your needs. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists for help using the feedback form or by calling the specified phone numbers.

Characteristics of sweepers for street or home

Sweeping machines are special devices on which brushes are installed that rotate in different directions. They are driven by engines. There are three types of driving force: mechanical or manual, gasoline and electric (wired or battery). With their help you can clean smooth and hard surfaces such as asphalt or tiles. You can clean soil surfaces in the form of a lawn or land. Many models with different performance parameters allow you to clean large areas of territory in a relatively short time.

The characteristics, level of quality and performance of the device are important in the operation of a device for sweeping a site or street.

Top mechanical models


A good option that is suitable for cleaning the street. The work is carried out by the efforts of the operator himself. Equipment weight – 12.6 kg. There is an adjustment of the brush pressure. Equipped with a high-quality disc brush that has minimal wear. With this device, sweeping the street will become much easier.

The average cost is 19,600 rubles.



  • Good value for money;
  • Reliability;
  • Long service life;
  • Easy to use;
  • Light weight.


  • Not found.

BSW 651 M

A productive machine with a main brush width of 50 cm. The body is made of impact-resistant plastic. For convenience, the handle is height adjustable. The weight of the product is 25 kg, but this will not create any interference with movement. There is a high-quality belt drive. The front wheel can rotate around its axis.

The average cost is 45,990 rubles.

BSW 651 M


  • There are side brushes;
  • Performance;
  • Long service life;
  • Efficiency;
  • Easy controls.


  • Not found.


A mechanical machine that is equipped with two disc brushes that do a good job of cleaning hard surfaces. The controls are simple, just walk forward and the discs will spin. The warranty on cleaning elements is 4 years. The body is made of plastic that does not deteriorate from impacts.

The average cost is 15,990 rubles.



  • Good build;
  • Quick cleansing;
  • 4 years warranty on brushes;
  • Easy to use;
  • Reliability.


  • Not found.

Best Electric Sweepers

Stihl KG550

This model has two side brushes. During operation of the device, the side brushes will help to move the unit smoothly, while it will be convenient to collect debris along the walls. And this arrangement of the rollers will prevent the machine from getting damaged. With the Stihl KG550 you can clear debris from any hard surface such as asphalt, paving stones or concrete.

The Stihl KG550 gearbox has a long service life and optimally transmits power. The ergonomic shape of the handle should not be ignored. This combination ensures easy operation of the machine. All collected garbage will be sent to a tank, which has a volume of 25 liters.

equal to 1600 sq.m per hour. In this case, the width of the working surface is 55 cm. The weight of the machine is 6 kg.

The average cost is 15,500 rubles.

Stihl KG770

This unit is used to clean debris from hard surfaces up to 1500 sq.m. "Stihl KG770" has two disc brushes, as well as an additional roller that will help get rid of any type of debris. Since the brushes protrude from the edges of the tool, it is easy to collect debris and sand along the walls.

Stihl KG770 brushes are made of nylon, which is wear-resistant. All garbage will go into a container with a volume of 50 liters. To make it convenient for the operator to remove and empty the container, the manufacturer installed two handles.

The working width of the Stihl KG770 is 77 cm, with productivity reaching 2900 sq.m per hour. The weight of the tool is 13 kg.

The average cost is 36,000 rubles.

Practical advice, additional parameters that determine functionality

The modern market offers a huge selection of models from European, American and Asian manufacturers. Among them is the most popular Karcher, characterized by reliability and durability. High-performance Tielburger, multifunctional and intuitive Lavor Pro, affordable Portotecnica. Their equipment is distinguished by a wide range of models, a wide range of performance and prices.

The average cost of a sweeper with a working width of about one meter and a power of up to 6 hp. and a cleaning speed of 4500-5000 m2/h will amount to 70,000-90,000 rubles. The price of battery analogues starts from 120,000 and above. Be sure to pay attention to reviews from real customers who will tell you in detail about all the pros and cons of this modification. You should not chase a cheap car, as it may be of extremely poor quality and will probably fail after 1-2 seasons.

Types of devices

Sweepers are designed for cleaning streets and any other areas of the territory, thanks to which their use greatly simplifies the cleaning process, reduces time and reduces the cost of effort and energy for this labor-intensive process. Government agencies and large private organizations use special sweeping vehicles for their needs. They are equipped with washers, watering and area cleaning systems, making cleaning more thorough.

There are a huge number of different types of such machines. For example, some people water the surface and then use brushes to sweep dirt and dust into a container. Others work like a vacuum cleaner, sucking debris into the tank. Some of them are universal and can remove both dust and snow or leaves.

On a note! To clean a small area near a cottage or house, completely different types of devices are used, similar in operating principles to cleaning vehicles. They have a simpler structure and are much smaller in size. Nowadays, two types of such equipment are most often used on the farm, but the market is rich in offers of three types.

Mechanical sweepers

They are often called manual. At the moment, due to the development of technology, this type of device is becoming a thing of the past. But they can still be found on sale. The principle of their operation is that during movement, the rotation of the wheels transmits torque to the brushes. A special belt drive is used for this.

The process of rotation and cleaning itself is completely independent of the strength and energy of the person who operates the device. The operation scheme is not at all complicated and requires a minimum of parts and components. It has a simple design, which means there is virtually no need for expensive maintenance or repairs. It is only necessary to periodically clean and lubricate the connections.

Interesting! This type of machine is suitable for small areas, or cleaning premises such as hangars, warehouses or garages.

Electrical cleaning devices

Operating entirely on electrical energy, these machines are in turn divided into corded and battery-powered. The differences between them are minimal. In the first case, the electric motor is powered from an outlet through a wire. In the second case, the engine is powered using a built-in battery. The pros and cons of wired ones are the possibility of long-term cleaning of the area, but with restrictions in the form of wire length. Rechargeable ones allow you to clean in remote areas of the site, but the duration depends on the power and battery charge.

Rules for serious cleaning of paths and areas

Let's consider another option for cleaning garden paths, when after the construction of a country house, or household buildings, or even just the use of motor equipment, including cars, construction debris, cement chips, oily stains and other serious contaminants remain on the road surfaces of your area, which simply Washing with a jet of water will not do the job.

DIY path cleaning

If the paths of your site are covered with crushed bark or gravel, we remove the surface contaminated layers of material only in those places where they are seriously damaged. If the contamination is more serious, it is necessary to remove almost the entire area down to the sand base and replace it with new material. If your paths are made of soil or fine-grained decorative coatings, including colored decorative sand, or finely crushed colored crushed stone, it is necessary to remove part of the coating and replace it with a new one.

The best solution for cleaning lawn paths is to cut out the damaged turf and replace it with new one.

Wooden coverings, including decking and platforms, require more careful processing using special products. Don’t forget to select the material used to cover the entire garden path according to its composition and color in order to avoid multi-colored finishes. In the windows of hardware stores, you can find all sorts of options for special products for the care and removal of serious stains on wood. If part of the damaged section of the path after its restoration is still different, you will have to sand the entire section and cover it with new protective agents.

To clean hard surfaces such as concrete, artificial or natural stone, mosaic, and other similar surfaces from serious contamination, you need a different cleaning approach.

Let's consider the manual method of cleaning garden paths as a basic option:

The main thing to remember is that when working with certain acids, chlorine and alkaline cleaning solutions, you should not neglect your own health and safety. When working with such products, be sure to use rubber gloves and a respirator; if possible, it is better to arm yourself with safety glasses that can save you from flying drops, even with a minimal acid content. After all, if such a drop gets into the eye, it can seriously damage it.

How to make a snowblower with your own hands

Snow blower auger manufacturing process

The most effective homemade snow blower for the home with your own hands will be obtained if it is equipped with an auger mechanism. Most all factory-made snow blowers have a similar device. The principle of operation of the equipment is to capture snow with rotating spiral-shaped knives. The snow blower auger consists of two spirals on the sides, and metal blades are welded between them in the center of the shaft. They throw snow into the discharge arm. The snow blower is connected to the traction unit itself via a belt drive.

Important! The finished rotary snow blower can be connected to a walk-behind tractor, cultivator or mini-tractor. In the absence of such machines, craftsmen make homemade products, equipping them with an electric motor, a motor from a chainsaw, a moped or other equipment.

The assembly of a rotary snow blower begins with the manufacture of an auger. First you will need to find material for spiral knives. To get four rings with a diameter of 28 cm, you need to find 1.5 m of conveyor belt 1 cm thick. Knives for the auger are cut out, leaving the petals inside the ring. They are needed for attachment to the working shaft - the rotor. The result should be a blank of auger knives, as in the photo shown.

Auger knives made from sheet steel will be stronger. In this case, eight half rings are cut out, which are then welded into a spiral. You can take a different path. Four disks are cut from sheet steel. Each ring is cut from the side with a grinder, after which the edges are pulled in opposite directions.

Advice! The finished snow blower auger can be removed from old agricultural equipment. It just needs to be improved a little.

To make your own screw, it is better to use drawings. If you look at the presented diagram, it will immediately become clear that the spiral knives consist of two parts, and between them there is a shovel for throwing snow into the discharge sleeve.

The working shaft of the snow blower auger is made of a steel tube with a diameter of 20 mm and a length of 800 mm. Bearings No. 203 or 205 are mounted on both ends. But they cannot be stuffed onto the pipe. For the bearings you will have to machine two journals. Moreover, one of them is made longer. A belt drive pulley is then mounted on this axle, from which the rotor will rotate.

Two metal blades are welded parallel to each other in the center of the pipe. The steel blades of the auger are simply welded to the pipe. If they were made from a conveyor belt, then the mounting eyes are first fixed to the shaft by welding, and the knives are then bolted to them.

Helpful information

Tips for use:

  1. The technique is used only for removing a thin layer of snow, provided that it has fallen recently. If the snowfall was heavy, it will not be able to cope with it; the help of a snow tractor will be required.

  2. When rotating, the brushes move the debris towards the center of the machine, after which it moves into the garbage container.
    You can also use the reverse function. In this case, the brushes will rotate in the opposite direction. This mode is preferred when removing slush and snow.
  3. Before entrusting expensive equipment to new personnel, you need to train them in the rules of working with it.

Features of operation

Today it is not necessary to purchase such expensive equipment. There are many businesses that rent out cleaning machines. This greatly simplifies the task; you can use the device temporarily and give it away when you no longer need it.

Important! For proper operation of the cleaning apparatus, it is necessary to comply with the operating modes described in the instructions.

Sweepers have several operating modes, switching between which is carried out using buttons or levers. For a specific type of coating, it is necessary to select special operating modes so that the device works correctly and properly.

Working tools and their connecting and rotating areas should be cleaned after each use. Debris and dust from the container must also be thrown away after use.

Additional features

The possibility of using additional equipment, which is provided for many gasoline models, significantly expands the functionality of the sweeper and turns it into a universal cleaning unit that can be used all year round. By changing attachments and installing the appropriate equipment, you can remove different types of debris, sweep surfaces and coatings with different structures. And also use a sweeper in winter as a snow blower. The presence of a headlight will simplify work in the dark. And the hydraulic unloading mechanism will ensure automatic unloading of collected waste from the container without your participation.

What is good about the Karcher sweeper and what is its main disadvantage?

A sweeper is a unit that allows you to completely abandon manual cleaning of the territory. Moreover, this is not only an opportunity to forget about the existence of a broom. With such a machine, an area of ​​any size can be cleaned quickly and very cleanly. Moreover, the collected waste is immediately disposed of. Therefore, cleaning can be done even in strong winds. And the dust and collected leaves do not fly away again.

If we talk about the advantages of Karcher machines, the main ones are:

However, the sweeper also has a major drawback. It is unique, but significant. This is the price. Such cars cost a lot. But if you buy such a unit, cleaning the area will no longer take you much time.

Garbage bin

The larger the volume of the waste bin, the more time you can work with the machine without being distracted by cleaning it. And at the same time, the size of the car itself and its weight will be larger. If the machine is equipped with wheel drive and there are no restrictions on its external dimensions, you can choose a model with a spacious garbage bin without hesitation. If you choose a non-self-propelled sweeper and it is important for you that it be compact and light, you should not be tempted by the large volume of the container. It will increase the load on your hands, which means it will not speed up the work, but, on the contrary, will complicate and slow down the process.

How to choose

To choose the right sweeper, it is important to determine what size and complexity of tasks will need to be solved using the equipment. If you have a small area and do not have to clean it frequently, a mechanical device is quite suitable. For sweeping medium and large offices and other premises, it is recommended to purchase electrical equipment. With large open areas at your disposal, a petrol sweeper is the ideal choice.

Note! For enclosed spaces such as warehouses and offices, it is necessary to choose electrical equipment. In large open spaces, gasoline-powered equipment will do the best job.

Tips for choosing sweepers

Please check the following details before purchasing:

  • What buyers write about a specific model, how long they have used it.
  • Weight and dimensions of the device.
  • Duration of manufacturer's warranty.
  • Capacity of garbage bags or container.
  • Scope of delivery - what spare parts are supplied with the machine.
  • Availability of a service where you can purchase consumables and spare parts.

What sweeper do you use?


Some devices provide adjustment of the position of the brushes, this is convenient if different jobs are performed, especially on uneven ground.

Professional sweepers can be equipped with additional attachments, for example, a blade blade. Pay attention to such points as the possibility of folding machine elements for storage in small utility rooms, the function of adjusting the handles in height for the convenience of operators.

It is worth noting that the most popular sweepers are those produced by major manufacturers: Karcher, Nilfisk, Tielburger, LavorPro. These companies have a wide range of devices, developed service in the regions, good customer support, and sweepers are more reliable in operation.


Karcher scrubber dryer

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Attention! Usage…

Manual, instructions for use

Instructions, instructions for use

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